A Hotel Near Salsa Brava Surf Break

One of the advantages of being centric in Puerto Viejo town is that you’re close to the world-famous Salsa Brava Surf Break. We are literally located 50 meters north of this powerful enigmatic beauty.

Salsa Brava wasn’t always a famed surf spot as it is today. In 1991 at 3:57 PM local time, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake took place in Limon the province of Puerto Viejo altering the landscape and thus giving birth to this world-class wave.

Although many surfers would strive to ride such a wave, it is not meant for the faint-hearted. Local veteran surfers will attest to just how powerful of a way Salsa Brava is with scars and limping to prove it. However, as a result, you get an unpopulated break point and surf an awesome wave.

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