Add Salt to the Resin Filter

The resin water softener is responsible for “filtering” out the magnesium and calcium from the ground well water. Without this softener, the water pipes would be congested and the water would have a hard time reaching the rooms. As for the magnesium, it tends to leave a foul odor in the water- a faint rotten eggs scent is the way I would describe it. We want to do our best to avoid these issues reaching and effecting the guest experience. With the right scheduled maintenance adding salt to the brine, this water softener does the job of getting rid of calcium and magnesium.

Here’s a diagram of how this resin water softener works. The brine tank is where we put salt in.

This is the salt that is used to place in the brine. A full bag of salt in added to the brine container once every 3 weeks. If the hotel has many reservations and guests, then once every 2 weeks. During a very slow season once every 4 weeks.

Tear open the bag of salt. You may need a knife or scissors

Open the lid of the brine container

Add the entire bag of salt into the brine container.

Once you the salt is in the brine, close the container and you’re done!