An Expedia Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Reservation

1) Check to see if the room is available

When doing a new reservation, check the room inventory using the “Front Desk Reservation” link in the Login Page:

2) Charge the room using Stripe – ONLY IF IT IS THE SAME THEY ARE CHECKING IN

If the Expedia VCC reservation is not the same day as the checkin, then you do not need to process the credit card for payment via STRIPE. Expedia VCC are charged during the check in day.

Once you’ve seen the room is available, you’ll charge the customer for the room. If they’re paying with a credit card use the “Credit Card Payment” on the login page. Once you’ve filled out this page with credit card information, click on the “Capture the Data” button and fill out the remaining information this page will ask you. If the credit is successfully charged, you will get the “Stripe prepaid code”. If the guest is paying cash, follow the reservation procedure using the “Front Desk Reservation” where on that page you’ll see a cash payment option. The app will take you step by step on how to complete the reservation using a cash payment.

3) Continue filling out the reservation information

Once you have the prepaid code also known as “prepaid Stripe code”, you’ll complete the reservation using the the “Front Desk Reservation” page. Type in all the needed information and submit it.

4 Type in the guest Virtual Credit Card information

The Virtual Credit Card will not be charged, however, the information is kept for the hotel’s records.

5) Successful reservation page and code

You should now have a success page with the reservation code

6) Confirm reservation in the calendar

After you complete the reservation process, their information should be in the calendar where you can add services to their room, rent bikes, etc..

7) Click on the reservation name

By clicking on the reservation name in the calendar, you’ll get a pop up window with an option to check-in the guest. You’ll check in the guest on the day that they arrive and want to check into their room

8) Fill out the check in form

Once you click on the “checkin” link you’ll be taken to the checkout page to fill out the form using their credit card.

9) Print out the check in confirmation

Once you submit the check-in form, you’ll get a confirmation page which the guest needs to sign. Once the guest signs the document, you will then scan it and send it to the administrator’s email and place the original signed form in the room’s slot box on the wall.

10) Confirm the “in”

Once you complete the check in procedure, go to the calendar and confirm you see the check-in/check-out status as “in” meaning the guest has checked in.