How to Charge a Reservation with a Credit Card

This page is for saving the credit card information. It is not used to charge the customer. When arrive to this page where it asks you for a credit card, you should already have a “prepaid code STRIPE”. You can however use this page to process a payment if the customer is paying cash for the room.

Esta pagina es para guardar la tarjeta del huesped no es para cobrarle la habitacion. Antes de llegar a esta pagina la habitacion ya debe de estar cobrada con la tarjeta de credito y tener presente el codigo prepago de STRIPE. Si el huesped va pagar con efectivo, entonces elige la opcion the “Cash” en esta pagina para cobrar la habitacion.

This the page where you should alway charge the customer’s credit card. If the credit card is successfully charged, you will get the “prepaid code STRIPE”

En esta pagina es donde se cobra la tarjeta del huesped y donde le va dar el codigo de prepago STRIPE.