Job Description For Hotel General Manager

POSITION TITLE: General Manager / Hotel Manager

REPORTS TO: Managing Director / Owner


The core responsibility of the General Manager is to increase revenue by means of lowering expenses without sacrificing the quality of service and guest experience and using the following leadership and execution described below. The description below are tools to achieve the core responsibility of the General Manager:

The General Manager is responsible for all aspects of operations at the hotel, day-to-day staff management and guests. He/She should be an ambassador for the brand and the hotel. Provide leadership and strategic planning to all departments in support of our service culture, maximized operations and guest satisfaction. Work Very closely with the hotel owners and other stakeholders.

Responsible for managing the Hotels management team and overall hotel targets to deliver an excellent Guest experience. A General Manager would also be required to manage between profitability and guest satisfaction measures.

Increase revenue by focusing on these four areas

1. Introduce new products or services

2. Expand existing market (service to a wider section of new demographic, psychographic or geographic market.)

3. Increase marketing activities – outreach, advertisement, social media, customer loyalty programs, etc.

4. Improve customer service.


1. Develop business systems to maintain and supersede customer satisfaction.

2.  Solidify branding by means of executing developed business systems


1. Assure that all mechanical, electrical and plumbing are at their utmost working condition

2. Maintain and/or improve the design and decor of the establishment, guest rooms and surrounding common areas


1. Employee payroll

2. Budgeting

3. Bookkeeping


1. Hire exceptional staff members

2. Motivate team to go above and beyond

3. Incorporate team building meetings


1. Development of new projects

2. Due diligence of business related trends

Immediate Focus

1. Marketing to increase sales and revenue

2. Building and executing business systems

3. Develop initiatives and train team to improve customer service