Pool Leak Fix

If you notice that pool water level dropping inches within a day or two, there’s a good chance there’s a hole in the pool and the water is leaving the pool. In this example, I was able to spot the hole where the water seeping out. Looking at the red circle, you’ll see the small black hole. A hole that size, which is about 1/2 inch can empty the pool in a matter of days. When there’s a hole in the pool it is an emergency to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Pool Putty is what is used to fix holes in a pool. Pool Putty consists of a resin and a hardener.

After taking the cap off, you’ll notice two distinct colors. The hardener is the grayish color while the resin is the white colored matter.

Pinch off an equal amount of each and mix them together.

Once the hardener and the resin are mixed forming a solid color, you are ready to apply it to the hole.

Using a wooden pole (could be be from a broom or mop), place the mixed Pool Putty at the tip of the pole and submerge it into the pool directly on top of the hole and apply some pressure to push in the Pool Putty in the hole making it a better seal to prevent water from going out.

Here’s an image of the hole that has been covered by the Pool Putty.