Process a Reservation

Receive an email from that there’s a reservation. Click on the link and it will take you to the Extranet to get information about the reservation

Once you’re in the extranet, you’ll see the reservation information. On the right hand corner, you’ll see a link that states “View Credit Card Details” click on this to get that information

You’ll be asked to log in again and then be taken to a window with the credit card information. Do not close this window yet since you’ll need this information to complete the processing the reservation.

Now go back to the login page here the link: and select “Front Desk Reservation” here is where you will look for the dates and room available in the reservation inventory system.

You start by selecting the “check-in Date:” and “Check-out Date:” click on the “Check Room Availability” button. This will tell you if we have dates and room type available for this reservations. Look for the type of room that reservation is for and select the dropdown “How many guests” and “Select Room” for the room number.

Now go back to the login page and select the link “Credit Card Payment”

By selecting “Credit Card Payment” you’ll be taken to the credit card processing page. Here you’ll enter the credit card information that was given to you by You’ll notice that it asks you for the room number. You were able to select the room number prior to reaching this page on the front desk reservation page link: process the credit card for the total amount which was given to you on the extranet. Once you’ve successfully completed the credit card charge. It will give you a confirmation number. If you are not given a confirmation number, then the credit card did not pass and was not charged. You’ll need to place the credit card invalid on the extranet.

Once you’ve completed the credit card process, you’ll go back to the and fill out the required reservation information

You’ll notice that you may be prompted to fill out these textfield information. You’ll get that information from the credit card transaction code, and the extranet.

Here you’ll see where we can get the information for the confirmation # and the total price for the reservation.

As for the “prepaid code” you’ll get that from when you first charged the credit card using the link “Sales Transaction – WALK-INS, BOOKING.COM, EXPEDIA, PHONE RESERVATIONS” on the login page:

After you click the “Process Reservation” button, you’ll be take to this page with accumulated information to process the reservation

Below with a credit card form option, fill this form with the credit card that was given in the extranet.

Here is an example of where that credit card information is at. After the credit card has been submitted the reservation has been processed. Since the room was paid for by using the other credit card system, this process is only to maintain the pertinent in the database. And you have now completed a reservation. Congratulations!!