Walk-in Reservation

By accessing the login page: https://lizardkinghotel.com/webapp/?p=login and successfully login you’ll, be provided links to most of the app’s functionality. To begin making a check or reservation, we can start with the calendar link: https://lizardkinghotel.com/webapp/?p=calendar

Once you’re in the calendar page, chose the checkin date at the very top of the data cell.

Once you’ve clicked the date in the calendar page, you’ll be taken to the reservation system page. Keep in mind that by default it starts the search by the date that you chose in the calendar and end the next following day. You want to make sure you chose the correct date range for the reservation.

Once you’ve chosen the date range you will get the available room results. You’ll need to be sure you pick the correct room type by looking at the room type identification. In this image, the room type identification is “oneBedNoAC” which is short for “One Bed Without Air Conditioning” To the right, you’ll need to chose the amount of people and what room number to assign this reservation.

Here you’ll need to fill out the needed information. Such as name, email, phone number, etc. You’ll be asked if there’s a prepaid code for Stripe. We at this hotel charge the credit cards in another part of the application. Here is the link how you do this: https://lizardkinghotel.com/charge-room-with-stripe/

Here you’ll place the payment confirmation code.

After clicking submit you’ll be taken to this page that summarizes the reservation information.

Click on the “Credit Card” option.

Enter the credit card details. Since the credit card has already been charged and you provided the prepaid code, the app will not charge the credit card. However, the app will save the data for future purchases.

After you click on “Submit your Reservation” you’ll get a Reservation Code.

You can then confirm the creation of the reservation by going to the calendar page.